plume & petal

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●2 Parts Plume & Petal Lemon Drift
●1 Part Pomegranate Juice
●½ Part Lemon Juice
●3 Parts Soda Water
●Garnish: Rosemary Sprig

Combine all ingredients in a Collins glass with ice. Stir slightly to combine.

snow bird

●1 Part Plume & Petal Cucumber Splash
●2 Parts Bloody Mary Mix
●Garnish: as you like

To prepare as a cocktail, pour Plume & Petal into a tall glass. Fill with ice. Fill with a favorite Bloody Mary mix and stir slightly. Garnish as you like.

To prepare as a group serve, add ingredients and ice into a carafe. Stir.

garden mary

•1.5 oz. Plume & Petal -
Cucumber Splash, Peach Wave, or Lemon Drift
•3 oz. Preferred Club Soda
•Signature Fruit Garnish

Build in a white wine glass over ice. Garnish with 3 cucumber slices, peach slices, or lemon wheels. May be served in carafe for group serve.

Plume & petal spritz

A classic Plume & Petal Spritz is always an easy + delicious choice, but if you're wanting to get creative, I've shared a few of my favorite recipes below!


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