Front Porch Sitting

Porch Sitting: verb, sitting on a front porch or stoop, usually of a private residence is a leisure activity which can be a direct or indirect form of social interaction –wikipedia

Porch sitting is, indeed, a form of social interaction. In my neighborhood, all the kids run and play together and it’s so idyllic, peaceful, and honestly…it’s the dream. It’s what I always hoped for in a home where we raise our kids. A place for them to just be kids. I have a front row seat to their happiness, their skinned knees, their stubbed toes, their arguments, the good and the bad. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

With that being said, I need a pretty front row seat! Here are some of my must-haves for a perfect front porch, no matter the season.

Layered rugs: It seems a little extra but it looks so good to have a layer under your “Welcome” mat (or a sassy front door greeting). I love that it automatically adds a little texture, personality, and it’s really more welcoming!

Planters: Listen, we all know that I’m not a gardener. I can, however, buy pretty greenery that’s pre-potted and put it one of my own pots and then put that by the door. It’s really that simple. I promise. If you’d rather have something that you literally don’t need to worry about, there’s nothing wrong with faux! Truly, planters by the door just look so gorgeous and there are some pretty great feng shui benefits, as well!

Comfortable seating: Last, but not least, the most important component of front porch sitting. The seat! I’m a rocking chair girl. Always a sucker for a white rocker on a southern front porch. There’s nothing more relaxing on a sunny, spring afternoon.

Cute kid + cocktail. Both required.

Other things to include: lanterns for warm lighting in the evenings, blankets for when the evenings get a little chilly (doesn’t happen much down here after May), baskets for kids’ toys (they’re everywhere), and finally, if you choose plants to keep alive, then a pretty watering can is also a must!

Cheers to front porch sitting and soaking up all the happy you can in this spring season!

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