The Ultimate Barn Doors

I knew I wanted barn doors to frame my office; however, finding high-quality and affordable barn doors was proving to be quite the challenge.

The more I looked, the more I kept coming back to Artisan Hardware. I was so excited to find the Artisan Brace barn doors and to partner with them to put the finishing touch on my office makeover.

Instead of going with one of the finished door options, we decided to go with the raw wood so that we could customize them with the perfect paint color. We chose Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and used a sprayer to paint them. We also picked these handles from Rustica Hardware to complete the look.

Believe me when I say that Barry and I are the least DIY inclined people you’ve ever met and we were able to install them by ourselves. It took a little time to create the frame for the track but Artisan Hardware provided really great step-by-step instructions that we were able to follow.

The end result was totally worth the time and they look perfect!


The first step is to make sure you measure. Seriously. You need to measure. Then after you measure, you’ll want to measure one more time. It’s that important!

Write those measurements down and keep them for when you’re ready to install. Makes the process a little easier if you don’t have to re-measure after you’ve picked your door.

Next, you’ll need to get all your stuff together. Don’t worry, I’m talking tools for installation, not about getting our lives together or anything.

So, when you purchase your door kit, it will include most of the necessary supplies (bolts, nuts, washers, and other things specific to your door). You’ll need to have some basics like a drill, a level, and a stud finder.

Then, to ensure you have an inch of space between your wall or trim and the door, you may need to add a header. This is really important so that your door doesn’t rub against your walls and trim. Make sure you find studs because this will be bearing the weight of your door. It also needs to be level. It will take some time, but I promise it’s worth it to do it right the first time!

And now for some fun, the metal track goes up which is what your door will slide on. Also, important to note that you have to add the stops. If you don’t your door will keep rolling right off the track.

*only true DIYers use two ladders! ha!*

Finally, hang up that pretty door!! Make sure everything is perfect and test it out to make sure it slides smoothly back and forth.

Okay, maybe you have one more step. If your door is wobbly, hitting trim, or the wall, you may need to install a guide. This will just keep the door working properly, especially in high traffic areas or places where kids could be using it a lot 🙂

Photography by Lauren Carnes

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