Play room design, book shelves, childrens books, childrens art, play

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Playroom Essentials

What’s in a Play Room? Our play room has come together pretty slowly because, let’s be real, kids would be content with crayons and a card board box. However, I do want to share what I consider to be the most important elements of a play room, and the first that I tried to incorporate into this space!

Play room design, book shelves, childrens books, childrens art, play

Artwork – A playroom should be where little minds are at work! What better place to display the fruits of your kids’ creativity than the play room? Pass on the kids artwork at Hobby Lobby and Target, and frame your own! I did that easily using the gallery frames linked below!

Visible Storage – Coming from a mom who, for the better half of four years, had a million toys that never got played with, it took me far too long to catch on to this tip: Kids only play with the toys they can see! So – I ditched the canvas cube baskets in lieu of wire baskets (that coincidentally matched my decor 😉 ).

Reading Space – Nothing would make me happier than kids who appreciate reading. As a mom, investing in reading time with my kids is one of the most important part of every day (speaking of, have you caught my post on my favorite children’s books, here?). I love the acrylic shelves mounted between the fluffy beanbags, they truly create a comfortable space for my kiddos to plop down with a book!

Shop my playroom essentials below! Enjoy!

Photography: Lauren Carnes Photography

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