Front door paint

An easy DIY if you’re getting your home ready to sell is to paint your front door. Currently, black paint on front doors can fetch up to $6000 more on a home! While every home doesn’t need a black front door (just not for everyone), a fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive and easy step with a major impact! Check out a couple of important things to remember below.

Freshly painted front porch. Grey door and floor with white exterior.
Freshly painted front door

Pick a paint that can withstand the weather where you are. Front doors exposed to ice and snow will need a different kind of paint from those exposed to mostly dry, arid conditions.

What is your door made of? The material of your door (wood, metal, fiberglass) will help you determine what type of paint to use. Do you need water-based or oil-based? Do you need a paint and primer separately or can you use a paint & primer in one? Do your research about what kind of paint works best on your door’s material. Pro tip: if you’re not sure, check at your local hardware store. They are generally super-knowledgeable and more than willing to help you out. Also, google 😉

When picking a color, the easiest thing to do is choose a color that’s similar to the current color and just freshening it up. You can always make a switch, but know that a major change will probably require a little more work on your end.

Cheers to a great first impression and let’s get to painting!

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