Exterior Paint Colors

I shared some exteriors on Instagram over the weekend and there were some serious feelings! Let’s talk about the money (how much it costs, how much you make) and then the colors I’m loving!

Exterior paint color swatches

First, let’s talk about the resale value of fresh paint. I don’t think it’s a secret that this is always at the top of my list when it comes to selling a home. Interior and exterior if you can swing it. Obviously, if your home is in pristine condition it’s unnecessary. However, if there are chips in siding or your brick needs a little refresh, paint is the way to go.

Next, let’s take a look at the financial side. According to a 2019 HomeLight survey (of more than 900 top Realtors), it cost $2,803 to paint a home’s exterior but the estimated value it added was $4,228. With a 51% return on investment, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet. Also, from my personal experience, you’ll get more interest online. Since most people are house-hunting from their computers and phones, high-quality photos are more important than ever, fresh paint photographs so well and makes such an impact towards curb appeal in online photos. More visibility = more showings. Win/win!

Now, the fun stuff. I’m going to share the top three exterior paint color families (with a few of my favorites for each) that are currently trending…but let’s be real, these are sticking around!

Creamy Whites

Number one in my heart is a creamy white. It’s also number one on several lists I saw 🙂 You really can’t go wrong with a warm white exterior. My home is PPG Gypsum (color matched to SW Alabaster) and it’s so classic.

Warm Grays

Another classic, because it never goes out of style is a warm grey. They’re classics for a reason, friends! I love a good “greige” with some brown undertones. In different light, the cooler grays can pull purple or blue. A gray exterior can go with anything, just like the white exterior. Dark charcoal all the way to black for shutters and front door look just as beautiful as white accents. That is the beauty of picking a perfect neutral. Here are three beautiful warm grays.

Dark and Moody

I am LOVING the dark exteriors. I’m seeing them constantly online because they’re so on trend right now but they’re definitely not new. Dark exteriors were quite common in the Victorian 19th century. To modernize this part of history, we’re seeing siding and brick fully painted with matching trim. I like the dark exterior with white, cedar, or a light color trim to add some contrast. Here are a few of my favorite dark paints right now!

Cheers to classic and trendy colors!

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