A Master Bathroom That Sells

You know the old saying, a kitchen and a bathroom sells a house? Well, I’m never moving again, but the point is, we wanted our bathroom to be truly show-stopping…but at a fraction of the cost. WAIT? IS THAT POSSIBLE? And more importantly, will a master bathroom really make or break a sale?

Heather Carraway Photography | Atlanta Home & Lifestyle Photographer

Glad you asked! Yep. It is. Here’s how!

The biggest cost savings in our bathroom was using a polished ceramic tile in lieu of marble. I had actually never seen a ceramic achieve the look I was going for, so I was thrilled when I came across this polished version.

We also opted for the semi-frameless shower in lieu of the completely frameless. This saved us around $2,000 and I honestly don’t think you can tell much of a difference.

Heather Carraway Photography | Atlanta Home & Lifestyle Photographer

Finally, we added the shiplap on the back end and ended up going with an MDF “fake” shiplap in lieu of the real thing. The reasoning for this was two-fold:

1. It was more cost effective.

2. When adding shiplap post construction, there is a lot more work involved in removing trim, door casings, etc., to make the shiplap flush with the existing trim in the space. This achieved the look I wanted without an excessive amount of work/cost.

*I’ve seen MDF look cheap and not good. Make sure you have a contractor who can show you examples of their work using this material. I’ve had no issues with warping, etc., and you would never know it’s not the real deal.

Using these tips to create a bright and breezy farmhouse bathroom creates a neutral a palate for a potential buyer. The high end look in the owner’s suite is one that will truly elevate your home above the rest.

Product Sources:

Floor & Shower Wall Tile: Interceramic 5th Avenue Polished Ceramic Tile (12×24)

Shower Floor Tile: Interceramic 5th Avenue Polished Mosaic Ceramic Tile (2×4)

Grout Color: Platinum

Countertops: LG Viatera Willow White Quartz

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