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Super Hero Scavenger Hunt

In the midst of our preschool from home activities, we accidentally stumbled upon the most fun version of a scavenger hunt, so I had to share it with you.

Dress up is the name of the game in our house, and nine times out of ten, Callan chooses her super heroes over princess dresses (of course this scavenger hunt could be modified to be a Princess Picnic Hunt!). On the morning of our pretty basic hunt, she begged me to wear her Wonder Woman outfit outside, and Rhett was soon to follow with the Bumble Bee Transformer.

Preschool Activities Super Hero Scavenger Hunt

Before I knew it, my little super heroes were off to the races filling their boxes with all the treasures lurking around our yard, and I just have to say, the costumes made it SO MUCH MORE FUN.

You can modify these items to fit your yard or season, but at the very least, I hope it encourages you to let your kids dress up, use their imaginations, and get outside! They’ll have such fun showing you all of their treasures 🙂

Here is the list of items we worked off of. If you join us in a super hero scavenger hunt, I’d love for you to tag me on Instagram so I can see how you made it your own!


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