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My Favorite Children’s Books

My favorite thing to give and to receive for holidays and birthdays are books. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving, promotes special time together for us, and is one less toy to end up in a basket in my play room. I’ve rounded up my favorite books for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers – I hope you enjoy!

Photo by Alea Moore

Baby/Toddler Board Books:

Side note – board books are my favorite for this age since pages end up being tugged on (and sometimes eaten, ha!).

Early Childhood Books:

Edit to add: my original post didn’t go up to elementary, because well, I’m not there yet. But a trusty childhood friend who is now a teacher, sent me this list of amazing books to add to this list and I couldn’t pass up including them because they’re just SO good. Thanks, Hunter!

Finally, don’t miss my new favorite book for all kids – baby showers, birthdays, preschoolers, kids. Absolutely do not miss Matthew Paul Turner’s When I Pray For You. It is just so good and truly becomes a prayer over my kids every time I read it it out loud. I may or may not cry. Our secret.

Happy Reading!

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